Christmas is always a fun time. You remember and talk to or see friends and family you don’t really get that much chance to, over the course of the year. Some people send you their cards and you feel ashamed because you forgot about them. Not really forgot but just wasn’t actively thinking about for a long time. You also remember some folks out of the blue. Right away you start looking for a decent online card that you can send to those people and you are sure that they will be surprise as much as you were when you got a card from your second cousin’s ant’s son whom you played with in the back yard of your grand-mom’s when you were in the second grade.

I just got a nice email from my old friend Earl. He lives with his mom and he is proud that his mom is now over 100 years old. So he took a picture of two of them and attached to that email, wishing us all a great Christmas.

Earl & Mom Dec.24.1010

For some reason I had to respond to that email and I knew I had to ad a photo of my own. Unfortunately, my wife was taking a shower and my kid was still sleeping and I didn’t want to wait for them so that I could take a family picture, so I did some Photoshoping…

I wanted to make this a memorable moment and something that one can not see just any day of the year. I also wanted to make sure that it will awoke a smile on my friends face and I hope I did a good job.

Neb with friends

Mary Christmas everyone!