Dec 30 2012

Response triggered by Windows 8…

It wouldn’t be right if I was just to read some articles about new Windows 8 and than construct an opinion. I had to try it myself. And that is what I did. I know that you have seen many such articles so I am not going to talk about the steps I made. I will just  sum it all in one sentence. I did try my best and tried to turn every “page” and uncover every little “trick” and at the end found out that Windows 8 could be good for some but for me it was confusing, unsuccessfully “new” and above all lacking any kind of intuitiveness.  

In the response to someone , after reading an article about “why do people hate Windows 8″, I wrote:

I would say – go to Linux.  I am not exactly sure why so many people insist to be molested by Windows and it’s applications. Firstly – it costs money to get a real copy of Windows. Secondly, most of the applications that are used come also with a price tag. After that, you have to protect your Windows in several ways to be free from viruses and malware. Most of the time every each application and Windows itself need to be checked and rechecked daily to stay the way you want them to be or at least the way they can be. When all is said and done, you pay to get molested over and over again but you still, happily join forums and groups and seek more ways to be entangled and tortured by this system. Why? I can not see and find the answer. I guess that the closest truth is: we are disciplined to value only what we pay for and we learned to respect those that are constantly giving us grief that comes with yet another price tag.
I was very close to becoming one of you. I have found on time the way to have a computer and be happy with it, without viruses, malware, unpredicted interfaces and a need to have a stash of money in case something goes wrong. That way came to me, for free, in the CD sent to me, for free, from India nevertheless. That CD was and installation CD for Ubuntu Linux. That was in 2003. Shortly after I came across Linux Mint and I still use Mint with all the glorious applications with an interface tweaked just the way I wanted. With a sense of security that just comes naturally and the feeling of stability that is also a part of a regular Linux way. This Mint computer I am typing this response to you is running, without a shot down, constantly now for 237 days. It is not because I wanted to compete in some insane competition “who’s PC can run the longest…” It is simply that I didn’t have to restart my computer for any reason for that long. Try to do that with any Windows… On top of it all, my Linux Mint is very fast, it can be installed and can run on many configurations and has very minimal minimum requirements. You can, however, find that some other Distro, from hundreds available, will be more suitable for you and guess what – they are all free too. FREE. Doesn’t cost anything.
But, hey, if you find some pleasure in the suffering, physically, emotionally and financially, than by all means – stick with Windows.

Oct 16 2012

Canada is not for SALE!

This is what I wrote to Prime Minister Stephen Harper:

Dear Prime Minister Harper,

I am concerned about the CNOOC-Nexen takeover and the Canada-China Foreign Investment Protection Agreement (FIPA).

These agreements would pave the way for a massive natural resource buyout and allow foreign corporations to sue the Canadian government in secret tribunals, restricting Canadians from making democratic decisions about our economy, environment and energy.

Canadians have a right to determine our future, but this agreement will undermine the democratic rights of Canadians and lock us into an inescapable path of foreign-ownership and resource extraction until at least 2040.

I call on you to reject the Nexen takeover and the Canada-China investment deal. Let’s start over with a national conversation that brings Canadians together to make responsible choices about the wisest long-term stewardship of our natural resources.


Find more about it and send your own letter to stop this criminal act from happening:


Aug 17 2012

My thoughts around and about LinkedIn

As it turns out I am spending a large amount of time on LinkedIn. It became my main tool for connecting to people that are in one way or another associated with Interior Design and Cabinetry/ Millwork. It is a gold mine for someone like myself who is trying to get connected to owners and CEO’s of such companies that might have a need to hire a draftsperson for certain projects and were not planning on getting someone full time just yet. I believe that my rates are just right and I can do my job very well, on time and in most cases I would get very positive remarks.

As off right now I have almost 500 contacts. That actually links me to 5,728,938+ professional. Do you know of any other place on the Planet where you can get so many possible links in a narrow field like Interior Design/ Cabinetry/ Architecture? I am not working for nor am I in any way associated with LinkedIn other then having a free account. But I have to admit – it is a great place to meet people in your field and above and get yourself noticed and connected.

Yes, there are some cases where some of the members are a little confused. Just recently I sent a “Connect” request to a person believing that we can both benefit from this relation and soon enough I got a response: ” I was checking your name against my contact list and I don’t know you so therefore I can not accept you as a contact…” Well, to me, this person didn’t quite understand the purpose of LinkedIn. See, I don’t believe that you should have only people that you know to be your contacts on LinkedIn. If that was the case you wouldn’t need LinkedIn and no one would have met, connect with or did any kind of business with anyone else except with people that you already know. So yes, if you don’t know a person at all you shouldn’t send them an invitation like you know them. But if a person offers their email address in their profile, I don’t see any harm in asking to connect to them. Like I said, if we didn’t have that kind of freedom we probably would have never connected to anyone else except to people on your email list.

There are some other type of LinkedIn members, the ones that have no other way to be contacted except through InMail. That part is exclusively available for paid members. In other words – if you are not a paid member you can never contact those members that have no contact information at all. If they have no website links too, then the chances of them being contacted by free LinkedIn members are non existent. As much as I respect everybody’s privacy I am not sure that these should be exercised in that manner on LinkedIn. If you don’t want to find friends – don’t join a friend club.

Third group is the one that almost seem to me like the group that doesn’t care one way or another. That group has a one to three website links listed but when a person clicks on those links they are sent to a 404 error page. So the conclusion is probably that they are out of business or they simply didn’t pay attention and their website was not renewed.  Again, why letting it go that far? It doesn’t speak well for you no matter what the reason is for the non-existing website.

At the end, if I may suggest. Keep up with your profile page on LinkedIn. Make sure all the info is exactly what you would like to show. Make sure all the links are working fine and give people multiple ways of getting in touch with you. I am sure that if you didn’t want to be seen or heard from you wouldn’t open a LinkedIn account. LinkedIn is a great way to keep your existing business relations and find even more new ones. So help yourselves and help others prosper with LinkedIn.



Jun 27 2012

Be a good boy – to get a job…

I have to say this first: I am not in any way negative or rebellious. I just believe that we should use our heads and make our own decisions. I am talking about various job searching and background presenting techniques and strategies.
Those are everywhere. If you open any of those: Monster, Workopolis, Career Builder, HotJobs etc., they are all saying how important it is to play by the rules; to write your resume right; to watch what you’re saying about this and that; to be aware of what you are saying in your other social circles and sites because it all counts and all the potential employers will check those before they give you this “honor” of working (slavery) for them.

Don't get into this trap...


One has a hard time to get out of this magic spell where the only option is just that – to follow crazy rules, be a good boy/ girl and you will be rewarded by getting this underpaid, multi-tasked and overwhelming job. You will then, most likely, get you own 3′ x 5′ cubicle and if you are really lucky you will be able to see the window to the back alley, just a few yards from where you sit. Some of you will not even get that because your job consists of you constantly being on your feet for the entire shift. Yes the pay is not that great but at least you can get a bonus, percentage of the money from the items you sold. Oh, I am sure that the cashier will wring in your sale, not their, when the time comes…
Oh, and another thing. In many such companies, the worry about: what to wear? is eliminated by: The Dress Code. If it’s a fashion, clothing store then most likely you will have to buy their product so that the company will prosper by: 1. Having a cheap floor walker that sells; 2. Model their own product for free 3. Get many sales to their own employees – It’s a win-win situation – for the Employer.
If you are in some engineering firm, chances are that you will be doing way more then humanly possible just to stay in the game. Remember (and they will remind you of that) there are many new faces just around the corner who will be happy to have your job.
I can go on and on. The point is: why not take all this energy to please your employer and shift it to yourself. To your own prosperity instead. There are wast of places that you can spend time on and find clients, generate contacts, advertise your skills, learn what ever there is that you always wanted to learn…and work for yourself, by yourself or with people that you choose to work with and call your own shots, make your own wages? Why would you put yourself in a position to be slave to other people’s wishes and commands when you have it in you to prosper and thrive on your own. They need you because of your knowledge, skill, experience. So use those for your benefit – not to make some big, corporate machine suck the blood out of you.
Remember – I am not negative. I am just seeing things very clearly. Believe in yourself and everything else will follow. It might take some time but at the end you will be much happier than you are now.

May 30 2012

Can’t listen to music any more…

I noticed this a while ago. I can not listen to music any more. Well, I can but then I, almost always, get into the music of “my days” and that is hard to go through without tears… Yes, I am known in close circles to occasionally cry while listening to music. I am pretty safe when it’s soft jazz or samba, even rock but when I get into Cat Stevens or Don McLean, some Elton John and even some Stevie Wonder, I can get so emotional that the only rescue is to turn the thing off and do something else. There, now you know something about me that not many people know (not that they really care…)

Talking about music, here is the one song that can make my eyes moist…

Empty Chairs


May 21 2012

Does it really work?

This is a question that lurks inside my mind for while now. I wanted to ask about it or write about it and then I would forget… But today I got one of those emails again. It is one of those – join this and follow the easy steps and you’ll become rich blah, blah… The point I am trying to make is this. Emails like this one are usually very, very long and they repeat the same thing over and over by just slightly changing the composition of the words. After you’ve read a few, you can predict the flow and intent almost as if you were the ones who came up with it yourself. But that is not what makes me want to write about it. It is the great length of the email that I am wondering about. I am actually wondering if there are people who, in reality, actually read through those all the way? Also, I wonder if it is a good idea to make such a long, boring email that has a purpose to sell you something? I am wondering: does the person who writes this think that by making the email so long it will actually make a reader wanna just buy into it to get it over with? Does the person who writes this boring, long and repeatedly annoying email actually believes that they will have a positive outcome with it? Or are there other people who will think that because this is such a long email and boring (but could be smart) it must be something that I should sign up for?

In any case, most of those finish in the SPAM folder but they still come and come… Now, it is maybe a time to say to yourself (I am talking to people who write these long, long, boring, ridiculous, saying nothing, stupid sales letters) that if I try the same thing over an over and I clearly see that I am not getting anywhere, maybe it’s time to change the strategy and start writing something shorter, to the point and smarter. After all, it is pretty stupid to expect different results by doing the same things over and over again.

There. Now I’ve said it. And that is it. I am not going to talk about it ever again. Cheers!

May 9 2012

The winner is: LMDE!

Way too much time passed since my last post. It is not that I had nothing to write about. It was more because I was in this “winter blues” mode and what ever I get exited to write about, next moment I loose interest…

However, this I couldn’t pass by. In April Linux Mint released a Linux Mint Debian Version – LMDE! Here is straight from Linux Mint Blog:

“The team is proud to announce the release of LMDE 201204.

This release features three of the best Linux desktops available at the moment: The traditional and functional MATE 1.2 desktop, the innovative and beautiful Cinnamon 1.4 and the lightweight and rock-solid Xfce 4.8.

Both the MATE/Cinnamon and Xfce editions use the MDM display manager. MDM will look familiar to many people, as it brings back GDM 2.20 and all its features: Remote login, configuration tools, fast-user switching, theme-ability, language selection…etc.”

LMDE - Mate

LMDE - Mate


I am not knowledgeable enough nor am I that kind of geek to write a review for LMDE but I can express my opinion and feeling about it.

The installation was smooth and fast. I was actually surprised that it took less time than when I was installing Main Versions before. To my surprise, everything was almost 100% as it was with say, Mint 10. The panel was functioning as I am used to and the way I like it. Mate is the default environment and it is so familiar – just like Gnome 2… What can I say – I was very happy and yet I was still waiting for that glitch – you know the one that, when it happens you wanna run back to the familiar (older) version… However, this did not happen. The more I used it the more I was feeling like I found myself a Mint to stick to. I was slowly adding my favorite applications and one of the first thing was: I installed DraftSight as it really helps me with my drafting tasks.

I was, yet again, pleasantly surprised. It was a fast install and it was working like a charm. It didn’t feel like a beta version at all.

I then got my Bricscad and I made a Gimp Paint Studio out of Gimp. Installing Windows Fonts was a breeze and I was getting happier by the minute. I can honestly say that I have a feeling that I found my OS that I will stick to.

I hope that this short emotional review will help someone in at least trying out LMDE. I am convinced that you will be happy with it. There are things that I still have to learn and adjust but I am looking forward to it. Cheers!

Dec 7 2011

Do we need their “help”?


American to head B.C. oversight agency to investigate police incidents

VANCOUVER – The American appointed to head British Columbia’s first civilian-led police oversight agency has developed a reputation as being tough but fair.

The appointment of Richard Rosenthal, who has set up similar agencies in two U.S. cities, was announced Wednesday by the premier. More HERE

I have no idea who Richard Rosenthal is but I am around for over 50 years and one thing really makes no sense. I don’t see that US have cleaned or taken care of any crimes, domestic or otherwise, so well that we would need a US Independent Investigation Office to oversee and investigate our own Police Force. I don’t believe that in any way, we are not capable of doing our own investigation. Furthermore, if anyone cares about our People, Country and Justice it is for sure our Police – not a US Independent anything…

Richard Rosenthal will be paid $210.000 per year for this job (wonder how long it will last) in the middle of the iffy economy where many are looking for work. But who am I to question Government’s decision to hire an outsider to clean our act.

This is Richard Rosenthal


For the past 50+ years all I know is that US helps only when there is something in it for them. No disrespect but I don’t think that we are not capable of doing the job ourselves and probably better too. I also think that we, the people of this great Country and Province should be asked first if we want some help from wherever that help might be needed. After all it is about us, the people, is it not?




Dec 6 2011

Them or Us…

On an almost daily bases I get a newsletter of sort that tells me how to clean up my act and what to do when looking for work. From Resume/ CV to Job Search techniques to Phone or Face to Face Interview skills etc.

It almost sounds like They are more important then Us. It’s like They should be satisfied in any possible way and Us, we should learn and follow all the suggestions, rules and tactics to please Them. After all, They are in a position to give Us the Job. And not long ago, I was all for it, till I hit a brick wall a few times and realized that I have something to offer but that something doesn’t necessarily have to be controlled by Them. I have something to offer, by myself, to whom ever I choose to. What can I possibly loose?

Let’s take a look at this scenario:

I am out of work for whatever reason but most likely because of ill economy. I then put all of my effort to finding work but what happens is, everyone else is looking for work. Thousands of Us are looking for work and we can only work for Them. Or, wait a minute… Maybe we can work for ourselves? Sure we can. Instead of following a never ending line of job searchers; reading from some happy looking chubby person about how we should please Them in order to get an Interview, maybe; going to famous Job Search Clubs where a person of the day is coming up with surreal ways to offer our bodies and souls to Them for a peace of bread… Instead of doing all that, why not trying to cut the middle man and offer ourselves as a solution? We all have some knowledge, some experience that They use to pay us hourly to exploit. Why can’t we use that something that we have, know, are skilled in and go straight to the ones that could use what we can offer? That way we keep what we charge and we keep our sanity.

I started slowly and it’s looking good. I have to yet iron out some parts but overall, it is a good idea and it can be beneficial to my family too. I get to see the World from a different perspective. I get to not waste time and gas to get somewhere and at the same time I chip in for a better future of our Planet. I can save on clothing, food, coffee… I can take my own breaks when ever I feel like and I have no one but myself to control me. Just stop for a moment and look around you. Think of what can you possibly do to make it out there without selling yourself short. I am sure that there are so many things you could do way better and with more joy then you could ever if you were to be “the lucky one” who works for Them. 

Everywhere there are articles and places that “teach” Us how to look for work, how to write a Resume (like all this time we were unable to produce a really valid resume and that is why we actually can’t find or lost a job), how to talk (birth to 1.5 year) and how to cope with interview questions. When I read these it makes me feel like a third class moron who is not capable of walking and talking at the same time. With these articles and tutorials we are reduced to slightly more developed apes. 

Those birocrats who write those  articles obviously have their jobs and could care less for Us. They are also a part of the plan. Lately there are even some individuals with entrepreneurial skills trying to make cash by using the situation and “helping” Us to be good, little job searchers.

It is time for all of Us to realize that those days of “job security” and “team play” and “what the group decides – goes”, are over. They had a chance for a very long time now to prove to Us that their way is the right way. They failed. Now it is up to Us to show what we can do and that we can do it better. Us, we can even get together and chat and try to help each other but only because we want to. We can even get together and resolve a problem together – without any bosses and with a great feeling of freedom. For all this time that we lost trying to get a chance to please Them, we could have worked towards the goal to become independent or to be well on our way to Independence.

Nov 6 2011

It’s Magic! – Mageia

As you all know by now, I was searching for a good Linux native CAD software and since I found Bricscad and DraftSight my life became happier and better. I installed my favorite CAD Applications on Mint 10 and started to experiment> I was so glad that I don’t have to depend on that ‘other’ OS.

It was all great till Linux community or developers, I am not sure,  decided that it is a great idea to switch to Gnome 3 and Unity in large number of Distros. For us, old timers, it was a very big change over night. I was trying hard to find positive reasons about this change but unfortunately, I could not. Even Linus Torvalds was ticked-off and was saying that he will switch to Xfce Desktop Environment. And I agree. What was wrong with Gnome 2 – I am not smart enough to understand.

In any case, along came Mint 11 and again, I was so happy that Mint didn’t follow Ubuntu to the letter and that we (the Mint Community) didn’t have to put up with the weirdness of Unity. That happiness was short lived because Linux Mint is planning on adopting Gnome 3 in the future. They will, however, try to make it so that the transition is easier by giving us different options but I have a feeling that we all will soon loose our options and will have to learn to live with the likes of Gnome 3.

Enough crying about it. Nut much I can do anyhow. All I could do is – search and find a Distro that will give me more of the things that I like and that I am used to. There’s got to be a Distro out there that I can love and feel comfortable with.

So I started with Distro Watch. At first I was using VirtualBox but that, somehow, didn’t give me that real feeling that I needed to be able to deside if and how much I like the OS. So I organized a test PC with relatively decent configuration and began downloading Distros left and right. Without listing the names I went through 11 Distros in the last 5 days. I had to change a Hard Drive because the first one started to behave strange…

Finally I came across Mageia! Former Mandriva with a new, funny name, but nothing funny about the greatness of a really well organized operating system. I take my hat off and bow to the great Mageia Community that made a distribution of such quality. It is early in the game for me to start talking about all the fantastic solutions and great ideas that were implemented in this Mandriva release  but I will make sure to write about it again once I learn more. For now I can just say that, everything I tried to do (that I also tried in other 11 Distros) was just so perfectly easy and fast to do, that I couldn’t believe. Why haven’t I tried it sooner? Well, better late then never. I feel that this is going to be a start of a long and beautiful relationship. Here is the default Mageia KDE Desktop:

Mageia KDE Desktop