I hope you, the reader, will have patients with me. I will at times write something that is only meaningful to me. Then again, I might surprise you and write or make or do something that really makes sense…In any case, the idea is for me to do whatever I wish to do at the moment and share it with you this way.



Hi, my name is Neb. I am an AutoCAD Designer (that is what most people know me as). I also love computers so I spend time fixing and building computers. I choose to use Linux as my main and favorite OS although I have to use “that other OS” to be able to run AutoCAD for my drafting business. Lately however, I have fun using Bricscad (AutoCAD like software that runs natively on Linux and Windows).
When all’s said and done I just want to give my brain a chance – I read books and articles, watch videos and think about things like: UFO’s; The Unknown; Time Travel; Flat Earth (I am convinced that we are living on a flat plane); The Other Side – Life after death…