Just a month ago, my family was going through some hard time. It is not a secret that something is fundamentally wrong with the todays economy. Some call it a recession – I don’t think so. I think it’s way more then that and I believe that there is no simple way out, if any. Not that I am trying to be negative, but it is just so beyond those former recessions…

In any case, like I said, maybe a month ago we, my wife and I were sitting and talking, trying to come up with some solution about our future…We were both unemployed. It seemed that  the situation is not going to change any time soon and the money was almost non existent… Our 14 year old son knew that things were tough but we were trying not to show the real extent of the problem.

We were both searching for work every day, from early morning till late at night. We were sending resumes, letters, faxes, visiting firms, checking all the ads we could think of and nothing. I started to feel desperate and angry at the same time.

I decided to write a letter to our Prime Minister and to all the local news papers. It was a way of releasing the tension but also a way to express my feelings. I was hoping to reach other people in the similar position and maybe somehow, together we could gain better results.

Two days later I was about to leave to go to the store to get some bread, when sitting, right in front of my door were 2 bags full of groceries. At first I wasn’t sure what was going on. Maybe someone just misplaced the groceries and were about to show up and take them… I closed to door puzzled… Few minutes later someone knocked on the door. It was my caretaker. She was asking me if I was aware of the bags of groceries in front of my door. At that moment it became clear to me that my letter to the editor of one of the news papers was published. Sure enough I got a call from Victoria News. Apparently my letter was published and allot of people called and expressed a wish to help me with donations, money… I wasn’t sure if I was glad or confused but it was definitely a good feeling. It meant that people were generally positive and feeling compassion. It meant that I got through to them and it was a great feeling. It meant that maybe there is a chance that together we can change things and make things better for all.

I checked my email too and I found a response from the office of our Prime Minister. It was just an emotionless letter telling me that there is an HRDC web site with a Job Bank link where I can look for job postings…Too bad that I, and I am sure 99% of the population, knew about that Government website and that rarely, if ever, there is a position in there that has a considerable potential. The person who wrote the response was called an Executive Correspondence Officer. I answered saying that, judging by the effort he put into the answer, I could be doing a better job and that maybe I should apply for his position. I never got an answer to that last email.

After I agreed to let the news paper give out my phone number to the people that were interested to contact us, I got a few phone calls. People were offering money (we thanked them for it but had to decline because the idea was to put things in motion, not get a hand-out…) and a couple of folks offered to help us find work. It was a great experience and it brought us new hope.

Right about that time I got a call from a place that I sent my resume to some 5 times since 2009. They called me in for an interview and I was offered a job. There was suddenly some light at the end of the tunnel…

The young lady from Canada News  wrote a follow article titled: Fruitless job hunt turns around for Victoria family.  Erin, that is her name, told us that the article was one of the most read these days. I believe that there is going to be another part so maybe keep an eye on it if you are interested.

We are just both glad and happy that things have changed for us but we should all never stop trying to make things better. There are many people in a similar situation and maybe even worst, that are not doing anything wrong. There is a real problem out there and it is beyond us, somewhere deep in our society that is causing people to start blaming them selves and starting to loose faith. Those people should start asking questions and start demanding to be heard. Demanding to get helped. Our Government should help us first and then, if there are resources, maybe help other places and countries. We shouldn’t be hungry and jobless while the money is spent elsewhere. Let me know what you think…