Who would thought that I will ever write a review about a Distro. I don’t think I am qualified enough to do so. Yes, I am using Linux for over 10 years but still…There are people that are quite more knowledgeable and experienced about Linux and they are usually the ones who write reviews, tips and tricks…

However, I was so pleasantly surprised that I had to put it on a paper.

The installation was very long – in comparison with other distros> It usually takes 15 – 20 minutes and the computer is ready to start that first boot to Linux… It took almost an hour with Antergos.


And it was worth it…

What I got was a smooth, modern, intelligent and highly attractive desktop. It wasn’t too much and it wasn’t half empty but just right. Everything was in the right place. Everything was running the way I was hoping it would. And fast. This is a screenshot¬†by TaylanTatli¬†:


But like any other Linux Distro – it can be and look like whatever you really wish it would. That to me is the most important and fun feature. I can make it look and feel in a way that will be unique – different than any other computer desktop.

Okay – so it’s not a real review. It is more like: I am so glad I found this and I want to share it with the World. So, if you would like to be really pleasantly surprised, go here and download Antergos and have fun with it. I am sure you will.