I have to say this first: I am not in any way negative or rebellious. I just believe that we should use our heads and make our own decisions. I am talking about various job searching and background presenting techniques and strategies.
Those are everywhere. If you open any of those: Monster, Workopolis, Career Builder, HotJobs etc., they are all saying how important it is to play by the rules; to write your resume right; to watch what you’re saying about this and that; to be aware of what you are saying in your other social circles and sites because it all counts and all the potential employers will check those before they give you this “honor” of working (slavery) for them.

Don't get into this trap...


One has a hard time to get out of this magic spell where the only option is just that – to follow crazy rules, be a good boy/ girl and you will be rewarded by getting this underpaid, multi-tasked and overwhelming job. You will then, most likely, get you own 3′ x 5′ cubicle and if you are really lucky you will be able to see the window to the back alley, just a few yards from where you sit. Some of you will not even get that because your job consists of you constantly being on your feet for the entire shift. Yes the pay is not that great but at least you can get a bonus, percentage of the money from the items you sold. Oh, I am sure that the cashier will wring in your sale, not their, when the time comes…
Oh, and another thing. In many such companies, the worry about: what to wear? is eliminated by: The Dress Code. If it’s a fashion, clothing store then most likely you will have to buy their product so that the company will prosper by: 1. Having a cheap floor walker that sells; 2. Model their own product for free 3. Get many sales to their own employees – It’s a win-win situation – for the Employer.
If you are in some engineering firm, chances are that you will be doing way more then humanly possible just to stay in the game. Remember (and they will remind you of that) there are many new faces just around the corner who will be happy to have your job.
I can go on and on. The point is: why not take all this energy to please your employer and shift it to yourself. To your own prosperity instead. There are wast of places that you can spend time on and find clients, generate contacts, advertise your skills, learn what ever there is that you always wanted to learn…and work for yourself, by yourself or with people that you choose to work with and call your own shots, make your own wages? Why would you put yourself in a position to be slave to other people’s wishes and commands when you have it in you to prosper and thrive on your own. They need you because of your knowledge, skill, experience. So use those for your benefit – not to make some big, corporate machine suck the blood out of you.
Remember – I am not negative. I am just seeing things very clearly. Believe in yourself and everything else will follow. It might take some time but at the end you will be much happier than you are now.