This is what I wrote to Prime Minister Stephen Harper:

Dear Prime Minister Harper,

I am concerned about the CNOOC-Nexen takeover and the Canada-China Foreign Investment Protection Agreement (FIPA).

These agreements would pave the way for a massive natural resource buyout and allow foreign corporations to sue the Canadian government in secret tribunals, restricting Canadians from making democratic decisions about our economy, environment and energy.

Canadians have a right to determine our future, but this agreement will undermine the democratic rights of Canadians and lock us into an inescapable path of foreign-ownership and resource extraction until at least 2040.

I call on you to reject the Nexen takeover and the Canada-China investment deal. Let’s start over with a national conversation that brings Canadians together to make responsible choices about the wisest long-term stewardship of our natural resources.


Find more about it and send your own letter to stop this criminal act from happening: