Majority Members of Parliament decided to approve motion M-103. Proposed by Iqra Khalid. Name Iqra has a direct Islamic meaning – Quranic name for girls that means: read. It has a deep Islamic meaning… But I digress…So Iqra was obviously reading (as her name is suggesting) allot of Quran and came up with a brilliant idea. She proposed that the entire Canada should not be permitted to say anything against Islam, and used a term, not in any dictionary, Islamophobia.

So, a bunch of wise and smart Members of Parliament voted 201: 91 to push through the M-103.

In essence, what that resulted in or can result in if it is accepted as a law, is that Islam becomes a religion that is above all other religions in Canada. By making Islam above all, it also means that all other people in Canada who are not of Islamic Faith are a secondary level of people, infidels, who are against Islam. It means that all people in Canada just lost a freedom of speech and that, if they say something against Islam they are looking for a possible jail term.

I don’t know about you but I personally think that who ever thought first that this motion should be put to vote is a very obtuse individual with not much happening between the ears and that person, also, did something that no one ever did in the Western World. They purposely made all of us who are not worshiping Islam, a less valued individuals. That person made our kids, family, friends, mothers and fathers, not good enough, dirty and infidels. Now, we all know who that person is.

This is a very sad day in the history of Canada.