Almost every day I come across some article or a video or just people chatting on some forum, saying how they did this incredible thing with this Distro. Or how they used their live CD (Linux) to recover some files from a dying drive… Honestly, I believe people should be told now and again how great Linux is. Yes, I know, it doesn’t cost anything – therefore it can’t be that good. Wrong! It’s free and it’s awesome!

Just today I got my newsletter from with a subject:

50 Cool Uses For Live CDs  

Let me tell you. There are probably way more than 50 Cool Uses for Live CD’s but even only 50 is an outstanding number. Come on. How many cool uses are there for a Windows disk? Coaster, maybe…

Starting from just being able to tryout a new OS or Distro without having to format the drive and install it first. That alone is a great feature. Than, getting into a “blue screened” Windows to save some files or repair it or anything you want. And if you don’t know how – don’t worry – there is always someone around from the Linux crowd to give you a hand.

There are live CD’s (Linux) that turn your system into an Entertaining Center. Or into an Educational Study. There are live CD’s that are about Security and about Art and about Technology… Well, there are probably live CD’s just about anything you can think of. There are even those live CD’s that will help you get into your “password protected” Windows system and you forgot the password. There are some of those live CD’s, and they are all Linux based, that are way too technical for us, mare mortals. Still, they exist…

I don’t know about you but imagine, you have allot of music and movies on your XP or Vista box and there are a few friends coming over tonight. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a great looking Media Center that you can set to do just about anything and easy. No problem. Just pop in the GeexBox CD (live) and in a few minutes your PC turns into an elegant media browser.

I could go on and on but I hope that at least I made you a little curious. I hope you will give Linux a try, because I know if you do – you will soon realize how awesome Linux is. Oh yes, did I mention that I love Linux?

If you feel like trying – give Linux Mint a shot…