Disclosure Canada

It was with great pleasure that I attended the Disclosure Canada in Vancouver on April 19th, 2015. I am usually very hard to convince to go anywhere at all but this event was a no brainer for me. Aside from hearing from people like Paul Hellyer, Steve Bassett, Grant Cameron and a specially Richard Dolan, I was also seeing this as a very important and historical event. Being a part of that felt like being a part of history…

There is a certain fragrance of newness in the air about phenomenons like ET and UFO and this event was yet another step closer to hearing the truth that most of us can physically feel, despite the secrecy and media blackout on the subject. It feels that there is no where else than for the Government and Media to finally open up and tell us, what was first a rumor and today a loud scream, about ET presence and probably imminent  truth that was hidden from us for decades.

I applaud these brave people who are openly putting themselves in front of a possible firing squad so that we, the people, would be well informed and educated about a phenomenon that was happening for so long behind our backs. It is time to take responsibility for our future and show to the Universe and ourselves that we can do better and smarter. It is time to make those first steps to help the new generations in their understanding of the reality that was hidden from us for so long. It is time to forget about wars and fossil fuels and greed and quasi power and incorrect physics and made up history and all other things created with only one purpose – to dumb us down and to control us. We don’t need to be controlled. We need to be free and to parish and to be able to use our full potential in all possible and peaceful ways.

This was a moment that I will never forget. It was an honor meeting Richard Dolan in person…



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