American to head B.C. oversight agency

to investigate police incidents

VANCOUVER – The American appointed to head British Columbia’s first civilian-led police oversight agency has developed a reputation as being tough but fair.

The appointment of Richard Rosenthal, who has set up similar agencies in two U.S. cities, was announced Wednesday by the premier. More HERE

I have no idea who Richard Rosenthal is but I am around for over 50 years and one thing really makes no sense. I don’t see that US have cleaned or taken care of any crimes, domestic or otherwise, so well that we would need a US Independent Investigation Office to oversee and investigate our own Police Force. I don’t believe that in any way, we are not capable of doing our own investigation. Furthermore, if anyone cares about our People, Country and Justice it is for sure our Police – not a US Independent anything…

Richard Rosenthal will be paid $210.000 per year for this job (wonder how long it will last) in the middle of the iffy economy where many are looking for work. But who am I to question Government’s decision to hire an outsider to clean our act.

This is Richard Rosenthal


For the past 50+ years all I know is that US helps only when there is something in it for them. No disrespect but I don’t think that we are not capable of doing the job ourselves and probably better too. I also think that we, the people of this great Country and Province should be asked first if we want some help from wherever that help might be needed. After all it is about us, the people, is it not?