This is a question that lurks inside my mind for while now. I wanted to ask about it or write about it and then I would forget… But today I got one of those emails again. It is one of those – join this and follow the easy steps and you’ll become rich blah, blah… The point I am trying to make is this. Emails like this one are usually very, very long and they repeat the same thing over and over by just slightly changing the composition of the words. After you’ve read a few, you can predict the flow and intent almost as if you were the ones who came up with it yourself. But that is not what makes me want to write about it. It is the great length of the email that I am wondering about. I am actually wondering if there are people who, in reality, actually read through those all the way? Also, I wonder if it is a good idea to make such a long, boring email that has a purpose to sell you something? I am wondering: does the person who writes this think that by making the email so long it will actually make a reader wanna just buy into it to get it over with? Does the person who writes this boring, long and repeatedly annoying email actually believes that they will have a positive outcome with it? Or are there other people who will think that because this is such a long email and boring (but could be smart) it must be something that I should sign up for?

In any case, most of those finish in the SPAM folder but they still come and come… Now, it is maybe a time to say to yourself (I am talking to people who write these long, long, boring, ridiculous, saying nothing, stupid sales letters) that if I try the same thing over an over and I clearly see that I am not getting anywhere, maybe it’s time to change the strategy and start writing something shorter, to the point and smarter. After all, it is pretty stupid to expect different results by doing the same things over and over again.

There. Now I’ve said it. And that is it. I am not going to talk about it ever again. Cheers!