I remember when I was a kid, my mom use to take me with her to the market. I did like it but I was also a little scared. There was so many people there and allot of them were strange looking faces – probably people working the land and picking the vegetables and fruits for the market. They had to get there very early in the morning so that they would be able to get the space at the market. Lack of sleep and hard life made those faces so scary to a kid my age. Aside from them, there were hundreds of homeless, gypsies and people with questionable background, all trying to gain something. Than, there were the sales people, mostly women, as tough and rough as the men were. Some of those women were very old but still strong and tough, yelling about their product and the special (good) price. Hundreds of moms were looking for a bargain and they had to be just as tough and loud as the sales ladies. It was a chaos in the eye of a little kid. Somehow, however, everyone got what they bargain for. The moms made tasty lunches for their families and the hard land working men and women sold most of their product and filled up the buses to go back to the surrounding villages. They will do the same again tomorrow and the day after…

Well, although I didn’t really enjoy every moment of it and some times I would be scared or even discussed with some scenes, yelling and shouting and that specific filth that was all over the market, I was always admiring my mom for going through it over and over again just to make us, me, my sister and my dad, a nice lunch or supper. Today when I remember about those days, they somewhat resemble our political situation with some difference. We don’t get to enjoy that nice lunch or supper any more but instead, we worry about the future and are not sure of the present ether. The chaos is very similar. I can’t hope to get a candy or a cookie from the deal any more but I can almost certainly expect to hear some yelling and shouting and to see some weird and scary faces and their even scarier decisions that are mostly calling for another war. I can feel that their yelling and shouting is going to get someone really hurt or dead. I can’t hide behind my mom’s grocery bag any more. I feel like I should start yelling and shouting too but then I realize that that is not going to change anything. It is not about who is the loudest – it is about waking up and finding love and compassion in our hearts and getting up every day with that thought on our mind – day in and day out and trying to show, tell, sing, write or paint our love for others to see and to hope that they will realize the same thing and join us.

It is time to stop all the nonsense and greed and to open our hearts to love and peace!

Love and Peace