I am happy to be writing again, if just a little bit… I was unable to do so for some time. There were always more important things that I had to commit to first and then I was tired… In any case, the reason I am writing now is the same old story. I can not understand why would anyone in their right mind use Windows and pretend like they are perfectly fine with it? Why would anyone constantly, day in and day out, live with that unidentified fear without knowing if their PC will start, or if it will start with a blue screen or more common, start very, very slow and continue in the same manner afterwards?

I just got a letter from an online friend. I consider him a friend because he was actually helpful a few times although I did buy into his PHP script… Anyhow, I guess that things are really slow even in the “online” World because I got this letter from my friend Gary and he is advertising one known Windows Utility  –  System Mechanic. He goes about it like it’s a good thing and with 25% off – a great deal because, he says: “When working on my PC constantly each day results in its performance regularly dropping. There are periods when the PC is just dog slow, with things taking several seconds to happen instead of occurring instantly.” So that is why he believes that I (and all the rest of us) should get this System Mechanic because it will bring their (our) PC’s into a great functioning state. He goes to say: “To combat all of these issues, I’ve been using a tool called System Mechanic for the last year to keep all of these in check. When My PC gets sickly – which is usually at least once a day – I wheel out System Mechanic to whip it back into shape, whether that’s freeing up large tranches of memory, fixing registry errors or on the odd occasion, cleaning up the hard drive.”

Well, if it was your car and it did like his PC – you would probably change that car. Or if it was the food you were eating that was making you sicker and sicker every day. Would you buy a medication to help you out and then, after you get better, continue eating the same food? Or would you change your diet?

To me the answer is really easy and simple. Why would I invest more money into a crappy system just to make it work like it is actually supposed to work always, instead of finding a better system? On top of it all – If I knew of a system that is way better and that doesn’t have to be constantly taken care of to work and is FREE – would I take an advantage of such a system? Let me think… YES! Sure I would. Everyone would… Well, not everyone because, as you see, Gary is actually selling a way for you to give away some more of your hard earned money to make your Operating System work like it should and Gary never even thought of Linux. Yes, Linux. It’s there, it’s great, it’s fast, no viruses or malware will harm it, it’s extensively customizable, has thousands of FREE applications and it’s FREE.

I would love to hear from anyone and learn the answer to this question:

Why are some people, many people, paying for this Sometime Operating System instead of getting Linux?