I would like to talk about multiculturalism. To be precise - a forced multiculturalism.

Canad was as far back as I can remember open to multiculturalism. It was not only a strength but also a most attractive attribute of Canada. That was one of the reasons I chose Canada as my final destination, in 1988.

Back then it was a big deal. From applying for an interview that might or might not happen, to going through series of interviews and finally going through medical exams, finishing the administrative tasks etc., till finally being able to buy a plane ticket and leave your previous life to start from scratch, in Canada.

Many obstacles, many worries, many undefined thoughts, fear, excitement, feeling strong and feeling vulnerable at the same time. All that was going through my mind from the moment I realized that it is going to happen. It was not easy to leave all I knew as my home for 30 years. On the other hand, there was a promise country just waiting for me to start over.

Most of us decided to make this crucial change in life because something was not right in our own country, city... Maybe it wasn’t wrong but it somehow didn’t open enough avenues for us. And we hoped that this new country will offer just that - a new avenue for our dreams and hopes. And, in my case, for the most part, it did just that.

There was a point system then in Canada Immigration Center. Most points were given for an occupation and/or education. I was scored good because I did speak English and mostly because I was a draftsperson. I actually didn’t even believe that I would be a draftsperson in Canada. I thought that I could be whatever I chose to be. I was partially right.

I did work in several industries in the first few years in Canada. Guess what I am now and since the year 2000?

I own a home based business - CADESIGNEB ( CAD DESIGN NEB) - cadesigneb.com - since 2009. Years before I worked for a couple of millwork companies as an AutoCAD Drafter. It is almost freaky to think that Canadian Immigration Office knew my future, far back in 1988.

Anyhow, I am now writing this while taking a break. Year is 2018 and we have a Liberal Government and our Prime Minister is Justin Trudeau.

Everything is totally different in my Canada now, from what was in the 80’s and 90’s. Some changes are great. However, right now, we have this pretend country. Most things that were a major reason for many immigrants to relocate, like health, education and safety, are changed and gone. Health became a joke. Education dropped from excellent to average and safety is totally gone. It is gone because of the idiotic notion that if we accept everyone from anywhere we would make a society that is all understanding and compassionate and friendly. What did happen in reality - we have problems in our schools, public places, streets, theaters, restaurants, everywhere. Hordes of Muslim men form various countries came to our country because they were invited by a mentally ill Prime Minister. These men from teens to 5o - 60 year old adults, are doing unspeakable criminal attacks at our girls, as young as 10, women, mothers, workers. These Muslim men don’t really make any distinction at all.

Vandalism on the streets, in hotels where our ignorant and idiotic Prime Minister decided he will give accommodations to over 50 000 illegal immigrants. Crime rate in Toronto alone is higher than New York City.

Meanwhile Main Stream Media is painting this unrealistic pink picture of this chaos that Canada is right now. It will only get worse.

I am lucky to be living in Victoria, BC. It is still a peaceful and friendly city and a beautiful island. I am not sure for how long though. One thing that is somewhat positive - next year elections. We have a chance to get rid of the enemy - Justin Trudeau and his mentally retarded party.

It will take some doing but I believe that we can bring back Canada that once was - friendly, peaceful and diverse but in a human way - just like it was done when I had my dreams of life in Canada.

For the sake of our children and their children, please, let us all vote to remove the evil that is now our government. Let us make Canada be again a country that is respected and loved by the World.