So, today is a new day. I am at work and not really working at the moment.
I am glad to be working here at Vintage Woodworks. They are saying right on their website that they treat their employees like family and it’s true. I feel good here…

It is the Lunch Time again. I like this. I get to write a little about whatever and I eat my sandwich and enjoy myself for half an hour. Oh yes, if you are wondering what kind of work I do, there is a website I made to show my drawings so just click HERE.

I am going to pause now. Maybe I’ll continue later……………..


Just so you don’t think that I am lazy…I came home thinking that I will eat something and then maybe see a movie that I downloaded a few days ago. The phone ringing changed it all. It was Duki, my favorite and only son. He stayed late at school and wanted me to pick him up. Well, not like I had anything special better to do. I can always relax and rest later…Sometimes I think that everyone else have more rights to my life then myself.

I am back again and now I didn’t want to wait for something else to happen. Immediately I took my jeans off and put my pajama bottoms on so that I would have an excuse if my wife suddenly remembers that she needs chips, the one I have to drive to to get it.  Maybe now I will be able to start that downloaded movie…
There, see. Out of the blue I started thinking about my son and specifically about his love of movies…He was only 9 when I got him a digital camera that can also make short movies. He had it, and this is for the first time in his life, maybe for 20 minutes when he decided to make a movie. Here is what he made:
Fish Dialog – Author Duki Radojkovic