Let me start with this:

Off and on I have been thinking about it, talking about it, watching movies and reading posts and articles. The truth is: we as a society need to acknowledge and start to do something about this insane Money Hungry World. It has been proven over and over that this system that we live in today is only going to result in the end of us. I can try and explain it all word for word but it would take so much space and time and I am afraid that it would’t be interesting enough to keep you reading to the end. A way better, more attractive and powerful is to see the movie, a third in the series of Zeitgeist Movement Movies. It can be found here! You can also watch a trailer: Movie Trailer

I am going to be sweet and short because I want you to give yourself a chance and find, watch, buy, borrow or steal this movie. You will be enriched with thoughts and wisdom from:

Robert Sapolsky | Gabor Mate | Richard Wilkinson | James Gilligan | John McMurtry | Michael Ruppert | Max Kelser | Jacque Fresco | Adrian Bowyer | Behrokh Khoshnevis | Roxanne Meadows | Colin Campbell | Jeremy Gilbert and more…

Zeitgeist Movement