As you all know by now, I was searching for a good Linux native CAD software and since I found Bricscad and DraftSight my life became happier and better. I installed my favorite CAD Applications on Mint 10 and started to experiment> I was so glad that I don’t have to depend on that ‘other’ OS.

It was all great till Linux community or developers, I am not sure,  decided that it is a great idea to switch to Gnome 3 and Unity in large number of Distros. For us, old timers, it was a very big change over night. I was trying hard to find positive reasons about this change but unfortunately, I could not. Even Linus Torvalds was ticked-off and was saying that he will switch to Xfce Desktop Environment. And I agree. What was wrong with Gnome 2 – I am not smart enough to understand.

In any case, along came Mint 11 and again, I was so happy that Mint didn’t follow Ubuntu to the letter and that we (the Mint Community) didn’t have to put up with the weirdness of Unity. That happiness was short lived because Linux Mint is planning on adopting Gnome 3 in the future. They will, however, try to make it so that the transition is easier by giving us different options but I have a feeling that we all will soon loose our options and will have to learn to live with the likes of Gnome 3.

Enough crying about it. Nut much I can do anyhow. All I could do is – search and find a Distro that will give me more of the things that I like and that I am used to. There’s got to be a Distro out there that I can love and feel comfortable with.

So I started with Distro Watch. At first I was using VirtualBox but that, somehow, didn’t give me that real feeling that I needed to be able to deside if and how much I like the OS. So I organized a test PC with relatively decent configuration and began downloading Distros left and right. Without listing the names I went through 11 Distros in the last 5 days. I had to change a Hard Drive because the first one started to behave strange…

Finally I came across Mageia! Former Mandriva with a new, funny name, but nothing funny about the greatness of a really well organized operating system. I take my hat off and bow to the great Mageia Community that made a distribution of such quality. It is early in the game for me to start talking about all the fantastic solutions and great ideas that were implemented in this Mandriva release  but I will make sure to write about it again once I learn more. For now I can just say that, everything I tried to do (that I also tried in other 11 Distros) was just so perfectly easy and fast to do, that I couldn’t believe. Why haven’t I tried it sooner? Well, better late then never. I feel that this is going to be a start of a long and beautiful relationship. Here is the default Mageia KDE Desktop:

Mageia KDE Desktop