Let me first say: if you like to double click on the executable file to start the install; if you like to then have to restart the operating system in order to finalize the installation; if you are used to pay for most of your software; if you use your energy and time to keep your operating system clean of spyware, ad-ware and viruses by running some kind of anti-malware software and antivirus software and if you are not a 100% sure how all that will work in a given situation, then you should stick to what you are used to and don’t even think about Linux.

Linux - The Future

On the other hand, if you would like to have an operating system that is free; that you restart maybe 3 times per year; that has a variety of thousands of free software; that doesn’t need any anti-malware or anti-virus protection although it has a free antivirus that is very handy for cleaning Windowz…If you like freedom of choice; freedom of interface design and freedom to customize just about any part of your operating system; if you like the ability to get more out of your system than you ever were able to before – well then you need to give Linux a try.

One way to describe Linux would be: Safe – Secure – Fast and Sexy! On top of it all, it usually comes as a Live CD/DVD… That means that one can just place it inside their CD/DVD Rom and boot their machine into a live version of Linux. That version works straight from the disk and available RAM and is a great way of trying out the system before hand. You can spend time and inspect all the aspects of the distro (distro or distribution is a specific flavor of Linux – example: Ubuntu) and when you’re ready there is usually an install button right on the desktop, that will take you through the process of Linux installation.

Linux is Sexy

I would warmly suggest to you to take your time and give a try to several distros before you commit to one. We are all individuals with different tastes and when it comes to choosing an operating system it is not an easy task. I must have tried at least 20 different distros till I chose Linux Mint. I will talk about Mint later in the blog.

Linux Mint

Even then, after you find the distro that you like, you are not getting a final product in the sense that every distro can be customized in many different ways. So even than you can change it to your liking and make it unique as you are yourself.  Some people are into music, for example. They can get all the music software, links, backgrounds and make their distro uniquely serve their own purpose. I have a friend who is crazy about watching movies. He has thousands of copies of movies, several media players and media editing software. He is capable of making and customizing CD’s and DVD’s all together from design to audio and video, titles and subtitles and many other components. He probably has a machine that is very close if not even better than some professional studios. It was all possible with Linux and for free.

Linux Distros

My personal experience tells me that there is nothing that some other operating system can give me that Linux can not. I use to have a Windows machine just to be able to run AutoCAD because that is what I do – I am an AutoCAD Designer. But even CAD is now available for Linux. I am happy with Bricscad V11. It is just as AutoCAD in terms of functionality and interface. It’s a native dwg CAD application. There is another CAD application – Arcad. It is equally good but I haven’t had a chance to really try it out. They are very similar and they can both handle 3D too. For those application, unfortunately I will have to spend some money but it is still just a fraction of the cost comparing with AutoCAD. I should ad that, if one needs only CAD application that will do 2D, simple tasks, there is a free software – QCad and some others too.


Thinking back about those days when I was, like many others, infected with Windows, I can’t help not to compare these two worlds. The expression that comes to mind is: one is like a rich but somewhat sterile cousin to much sexier and superior Linux. But don’t take my word for it. Give it a try. I am sure you will be glad that you did.