I am not sure how it is for other people but I, myself, think of it as separate lives. You know, the lives one live in a certain stage. It could happen without changing the place of living and it could be determined exactly by a place or a country. Anyway, these were my lives…

My first life happened when I was born. I can’t really say that I remember how it was until I reached 3 years of age. Even at that time it is a blur…But, at around five I can actually see it like it was yesterday. Dad was away on a business trip in Kuwait. Mom, sister and I were alone and living from one letter to another. I guess we spoke over the phone rarely because it was expensive and because the lines were so bad that half of the time we couldn’t even understand each other and it just seemed like a waste of money. Letters were a much happier occasion. My dearest occasion was when we were getting a package from Dad. It would usually be a long, narrow cardboard box, probably from some office supply item, and it would be packed with chocolate, chewing gum and a few small toys like: little small scale cars or key chain size toy guns. To me they were the best toys a boy can get. To me they were a passport to the highest level of friendships. To me they were a certain acknowledgement of the social status in which I was accepted. Into all the games, gatherings and other fun stuff, not offered to all. I was important. Kids would call me, asking to come over and play with me (and my toys) and I was allowed to decide when and where. It was great.

Then came the Kuwait life… It started when I was already 6 years old and my Dad sent us the tickets to come and live with him in Kuwait City till the end of the project that he was working on. That new life actually started even on the plane to Beirut.

JAT Stewardesses

It was the first time for me on the airplane and I felt important and big. It was full of excitement and new adventures. I was getting candy and sweets and pop and all were given to me by the most beautiful ladies. Mom said that I was to call them stewardesses. They were all so nice to me. I have to admit now. A few times more then I actually needed to, I would come up with different excuses and ask for some things just to be able to see those ladies smiling and saying things like: “oh, he is so cute” or “you are so lucky to have such a darling for a son”… I don’t remember that being said about me ever again in the later life…

Kuwait 1965

Life in Kuwait or my Kuwait life was something I will never forget. It was the essence of my entire todays life. Most of what happened to me there had something to do with what I do today and how I look at things now. It is hard to explain but I feel a great deal of connection to today and that time.

American School of Kuwait Logo

I was going to American School there. I was a really good student and I finished 1st and 2nd grade in just one year. I loved the way it was in American school. I loved my teacher and I had a few really good friends. I was in love for the first time in my life. Her name is Helen. She had a sister (probably still does) named Ann. I can’t remember their last name but I think they were from some southern state in US. In any case, it was all happening a long time ago in 1965…

My Third Life started when we came back to Belgrade. I was a Third Grade student in the Elementary School “Jovan Miodragovic” and by now I was  a spoiled kid “who use to live in Kuwait and go to American school”… It was something different then and I had to live with it. In most cases it was a good thing but some times it was hurting me.

Emir Skandro - Artist

My best friend, then, was Emir Skandro. Today he is a well known Artist, still living and working in Belgrade. I haven’t heard from Emir for so long and I wish we would see each other again.

This life was going on for years. I transfered to another school (a certain teacher was giving me a hard time) – Elementory School “Milica Pavlovic” – just as far and north of my apartment building. I remeber many nice things from that time. I remeber my teacher –  Mr. Kreminac.  He was pretending to be very strict but in actuality he was the softest person I’ve came across in my school years. Then there was my Math teacher whom I can thank for what I know today in math. There were also a couple of girls that I think of from time to time. They left some warm feeling inside me from a long time ago…

OS Milica Pavlovic - Beograd

My High School days belong to the same Third Life I had. I will leave that part out for now. I will talk about it in more detail some other time, as I believe that I will have a special blog just for that period.

1979 – I was enlisted in the Army. I actually inquired  about getting a passport so that I could go to Iraq with Energoprojekt, the company I was working for at the time. Instead I was given a paper saying that I was to report to the Army Post in Banja Luka on January 6th, 1979… It was just about 3 weeks before the New Years… It was the hardest and saddest New Year of all. I was saying good buy to my innocent, young adult life and to my girlfriend Vera. It was going to be a year of my life taken from me and I will never get it back… This Forth Life also deserves a special blog and I will get to it when I am good and ready. There is so many things to say, explain. To myself and to others. For now lets just say that what was going on then has nothing to do with how things are today. Just a year later our President for life, Josip Broz Tito died.

Army & Tito

I will have to continue this blog some other time. There are so many things to be said. There are so many people to write about and I don’t want to forget anybody. I need to be in the right state of mind to be able to explain and paint the right picture of the time to come. There are feelings and impressions that deserve a special place in this blog. Forgive me but I am not able to promise when will that be – only that I will do it at some point of time for sure. For now you can maybe ask questions or give me suggestions. I will be glad to read your comments. Cheers!