As it turns out I am spending a large amount of time on LinkedIn. It became my main tool for connecting to people that are in one way or another associated with Interior Design and Cabinetry/ Millwork. It is a gold mine for someone like myself who is trying to get connected to owners and CEO’s of such companies that might have a need to hire a draftsperson for certain projects and were not planning on getting someone full time just yet. I believe that my rates are just right and I can do my job very well, on time and in most cases I would get very positive remarks.

As off right now I have almost 500 contacts. That actually links me to 5,728,938+ professional. Do you know of any other place on the Planet where you can get so many possible links in a narrow field like Interior Design/ Cabinetry/ Architecture? I am not working for nor am I in any way associated with LinkedIn other then having a free account. But I have to admit – it is a great place to meet people in your field and above and get yourself noticed and connected.

Yes, there are some cases where some of the members are a little confused. Just recently I sent a “Connect” request to a person believing that we can both benefit from this relation and soon enough I got a response: ” I was checking your name against my contact list and I don’t know you so therefore I can not accept you as a contact…” Well, to me, this person didn’t quite understand the purpose of LinkedIn. See, I don’t believe that you should have only people that you know to be your contacts on LinkedIn. If that was the case you wouldn’t need LinkedIn and no one would have met, connect with or did any kind of business with anyone else except with people that you already know. So yes, if you don’t know a person at all you shouldn’t send them an invitation like you know them. But if a person offers their email address in their profile, I don’t see any harm in asking to connect to them. Like I said, if we didn’t have that kind of freedom we probably would have never connected to anyone else except to people on your email list.

There are some other type of LinkedIn members, the ones that have no other way to be contacted except through InMail. That part is exclusively available for paid members. In other words – if you are not a paid member you can never contact those members that have no contact information at all. If they have no website links too, then the chances of them being contacted by free LinkedIn members are non existent. As much as I respect everybody’s privacy I am not sure that these should be exercised in that manner on LinkedIn. If you don’t want to find friends – don’t join a friend club.

Third group is the one that almost seem to me like the group that doesn’t care one way or another. That group has a one to three website links listed but when a person clicks on those links they are sent to a 404 error page. So the conclusion is probably that they are out of business or they simply didn’t pay attention and their website was not renewed.  Again, why letting it go that far? It doesn’t speak well for you no matter what the reason is for the non-existing website.

At the end, if I may suggest. Keep up with your profile page on LinkedIn. Make sure all the info is exactly what you would like to show. Make sure all the links are working fine and give people multiple ways of getting in touch with you. I am sure that if you didn’t want to be seen or heard from you wouldn’t open a LinkedIn account. LinkedIn is a great way to keep your existing business relations and find even more new ones. So help yourselves and help others prosper with LinkedIn.