It is time for me to tell you about my professions, knowledge, skills… I can not call myself as a person with just one profession. The simple fact is: I don’t have just one, main interest. I equally like or am interested in many things. Maybe that is the reason that I was never absolutely happy doing one thing or another. Even at this moment, I just finished watching a disturbing horror movie and for some unknown reason I felt an urge to start writing this. I gave up on trying to understand my own self. When I was younger I use to try so hard to understand a girl that I was dating or had some feelings for. Now I understand how silly that was. How impossible it is to really get to know someone if one can’t even get to know their own self. It happened many times that I reacted or said something as a response, that actually surprised me the most. It was at times, like my personality took over and reacted without me even knowing about it. Weird. Anyway, let’s try to stick to the subject.

Early in my life I knew better what I wanted. Better then today that is. I was just 5 years of age when I use to really enjoy standing beside our old Telefunken radio, singing along to the popular music numbers from 60’s in Europe.

Old Telefunken Radio

I would sing along to some Italian or French songs, making up the words as I heard them but not knowing their meaning. I was, however, sure of how they felt like and that was true enough so that it could have brought the tears into my eyes or a smile to my lips. Numerous times I was told that I have such a good voice and that I am very talented. Maybe that was the reason why I never did anything more then sing along beside that old radio. I felt like I already knew how to and didn’t have to learn or pursue it further.

My second love was – drawing. I use to spend hours and hours and tons of paper and draw what ever came to my mind. Sometimes I would ask people around me: “What should I draw?” Just because I was running out of inspiration didn’t mean that I ran out of will and energy to draw… I also loved to paint or combine the two techniques. It was my own World. I could make it anything I wanted to. I could make the World look and feel like I wanted it to look and feel. In my mind, that World was close to but not quite as the real thing, only better and happier. But then, just as fast as I could draw happy things, I could also fall down into a pit of sorrow. That sadness was as real as anything to me and it could take days till I clime up and continue to be a happy kid again. My third “profession” was – fixing things. I would go around the house and just fix whatever I get my hands on. If things didn’t need fixing I would first break them and then fix them even better than the original. At least that is what I thought I was doing. However, at times I was really making some things better and I was surly getting more skilled in fixing or troubleshooting problems. I have these skills to this day and those skills give me allot of pleasure.

I was now in my early adult years and it was time to put some money where my mouth is. I realized that I have to choose a real profession. It was a time for me to step up a notch and begin the trip to adulthood. When I was 15 I lost my father. He died of a heart attack, very young, only 43 years old. It was the hardest thing in my life and even more so to this day. I had an opportunity to start working at his former firm and I took it. I finished a drafting course and became a draftsperson. Strangely enough, this is what I am today, only now it is a Computer Assisted Drafting – CAD. I now do 2D and 3D AutoCAD Drafting/ Design. But that doesn’t mean that I was stuck doing drafting ever since…No way. I told you, I can never do just that one thing for a long time… Six years have passed by since I started to work for my dad’s former firm, Energoprojekt.


I was probably one of the youngest draftsman in the firm and I probably had the lowest pay too. Actually, the pay was so low that I could have spent my monthly pay in just one night with a couple of friends. Or I could have all the cigarettes for the month but nothing else. Thank Heavens, I was living at my mom’s and I didn’t have to pay the rent.

In any case, I was 24 and I wanted a change. I wanted to earn more money. I wanted to be my own boss. I wanted to start my own business. And I did. I sold a guitar and I bought a Ceramic Kiln. I started to make ceramics – ceramic jewelry. I can now say: my ceramic jewelry business days were the best I had ever. I was doing what I love and I was making money that I never did before or after that time. It was a special experience. If you ever get dirty playing with mud, you will understand how that mud becomes a part of you. It is not something that can be easily explained. It just is… I may come back to the subject of ceramics in the future. For now, however, it is enough to say that I am glad I had that part of life and that extraordinary experience under my hat.

We come to the year 1988 and from April 2nd of that year starts my Canadian era… All of you who immigrated to Canada at some point, know what the “rules” are. At first you have to do whatever it takes to be able to learn the language. Then to learn the ways. Then to fight off the nostalgic feelings and to make peace with yourself. Peace with the fact that you are now living here and that you must follow those rules and steps to become a part of the country that gave you this opportunity. Needless to say, I had many “professions” in the first several years. I was a sales person. I was selling jewelery, then vacuum cleaners, then shirts…I then worked as a bar tender and a painter… I even took a course and became a Hair Stylist. There is a funny story from that time but it will have to wait it’s turn… Then I started to do Model Making, maquette as we called it back then when it was my father’s profession. I spent enough time watching my dad do it that I felt confident to give it a try myself. I did and it worked. I learned allot in the process too. Slowly, the model making business started to decay as the computers were taking over and at the same time I became interested in computers myself. I was lucky to have got some formal, at the job training, in AutoCAD, version 10. That was 20 years ago. I think now that in many ways, that training modeled my future life to a great extend.

Me working...

Today I use AutoCAD as my main source of income and I really enjoy doing so. Doing CAD brought on some other interests like: computers, hardware and software. That is the reason why I also like to play with Linux and Windows and I also build and fix computers as a hobby. Aside from AutoCAD I also use: SketchUp, Photoshop, Gimp, Office, Dreamweaver, SolidWorks, VectorWorks and other software. I also spend most of my every day in front of my computers and I really, really enjoy it.

Some samples of my drawings could be found HERE.