I remember, or should I say: I always had 2 main problems when using AutoCAD and Windows. Actually, most of the frustration was related to constant battle with mallware and other pest-like attacks on Windows. I don’t care what kind of Windows, what Service Pack or Version it is – they are all very vulnerable when it comes to viruses, mallware, adware etc. In such an environment one can not really blame the applications. They are trying hard but they are not wizards. Plus, if the application has a few bugs here and there (AutoCAD) then the battle becomes very tiresome. Popular way to fix those are: restart Windows or/and restart AutoCAD… That is not such a great solution when you are in the middle of the large project and every second counts. Also, both of those are very costly…

I found Linux some time ago and yes, there were a few CAD applications there but they were not like AutoCAD. The interface was totally different and they would not play well with dwg extension… It was just not good or familiar or complex enough for my taste. With Linux the first part – platform – would be solved. There are no viruses and mallware to bother you and the system just works and works.
The only problem was finding a good solution for my CAD needs.
And after a few years I found it! It was just what I wanted. CAD application that works on Linux (and Windows) and can do 2D and 3D and uses dwg and dxf extension and the interface is very similar to AutoCAD. Former AutoCAD user’s dream come true! BRICSCAD!

Bricscad in Action

I paid a very affordable amount for my licence and I am now using Bricscad as my main CAD software. It runs and it doesn’t break and there are no bugs that will leave you in the middle of the project. The support is phenomenal and friendly.
I run my Bricscad on Linux Mint 10 but it works as great on other distros (SUSE, Ubuntu etc)
It is a joy to do things on such a stable platform.
If you are interested to know more about it, just drop me a line – click on the Bricscad logo.