And yet again, seems like everyone was just waiting for it, criticism and “big” thoughts came up to the surface (like some other stuff that floats…). Yes, those experts and people originally involved could have spent some more time and effort in checking the slides better but – they didn’t. A lot of people got over excited and were disappointed. Some money changed hands and now what is done is done.

I am sure that many organizers are embarrassed. But hey, we are just human (as opposed to alien).

However, another flood of posts and stories and complaints are starting to emerge all over the Internet. An enormous waste of time in most cases but  never the less a good way to release the stress.

What, in my opinion should happen is: We should try and forget, and fast, this unfortunate incident and focus back to the research. We all know that ET and UFOs are real. The matter of it happening in 1947 Roswell or not – is irrelevant. The fact remains that we have thousands and thousands of witnesses, photos, videos, abductees etc. Nothing stopped and nothing is change. Some people argue that this incident will harm the “field” etc… I say that those who are sceptic will remain sceptic and those who believe will still believe. Unfortunately we really need to hear from someone who knows and that someone is (are) the Governments of countries and certain people on top. However, it appears that they are keeping it a secret  and I don’t think they do so to protect us but just the opposite.

So, unless the UFO lands in a really crowded area and announces: “We are here and we’ve been here for many, many years…”, we will still have to search and guess and things like “Roswell slides” might happen again and again…