It wouldn’t be right if I was just to read some articles about new Windows 8 and than construct an opinion. I had to try it myself. And that is what I did. I know that you have seen many such articles so I am not going to talk about the steps I made. I will just  sum it all in one sentence. I did try my best and tried to turn every “page” and uncover every little “trick” and at the end found out that Windows 8 could be good for some but for me it was confusing, unsuccessfully “new” and above all lacking any kind of intuitiveness.  

In the response to someone , after reading an article about “why do people hate Windows 8”, I wrote:

I would say – go to Linux.  I am not exactly sure why so many people insist to be molested by Windows and it’s applications. Firstly – it costs money to get a real copy of Windows. Secondly, most of the applications that are used come also with a price tag. After that, you have to protect your Windows in several ways to be free from viruses and malware. Most of the time every each application and Windows itself need to be checked and rechecked daily to stay the way you want them to be or at least the way they can be. When all is said and done, you pay to get molested over and over again but you still, happily join forums and groups and seek more ways to be entangled and tortured by this system. Why? I can not see and find the answer. I guess that the closest truth is: we are disciplined to value only what we pay for and we learned to respect those that are constantly giving us grief that comes with yet another price tag.
I was very close to becoming one of you. I have found on time the way to have a computer and be happy with it, without viruses, malware, unpredicted interfaces and a need to have a stash of money in case something goes wrong. That way came to me, for free, in the CD sent to me, for free, from India nevertheless. That CD was and installation CD for Ubuntu Linux. That was in 2003. Shortly after I came across Linux Mint and I still use Mint with all the glorious applications with an interface tweaked just the way I wanted. With a sense of security that just comes naturally and the feeling of stability that is also a part of a regular Linux way. This Mint computer I am typing this response to you is running, without a shot down, constantly now for 237 days. It is not because I wanted to compete in some insane competition “who’s PC can run the longest…” It is simply that I didn’t have to restart my computer for any reason for that long. Try to do that with any Windows… On top of it all, my Linux Mint is very fast, it can be installed and can run on many configurations and has very minimal minimum requirements. You can, however, find that some other Distro, from hundreds available, will be more suitable for you and guess what – they are all free too. FREE. Doesn’t cost anything.
But, hey, if you find some pleasure in the suffering, physically, emotionally and financially, than by all means – stick with Windows.