I might go to the eternal hunting ground soon…
I was in the ER yesterday because I woke up and couldn’t walk
straight. I was hitting the walls and had to hold on to walls, chairs
or anything in my path to be able to get to the washroom. Soon
enough I had to throw-up and my wife called an ambulance. They told
me that it was “most likely” something wrong with my inner ear.
Funny, they don’t even try to be more specific. I can get a straighter
answer from a Bingo parlour. In any case, they have no cure for it,
mind you this is 21st Century and they have no cure for anything to
do with inner ear, except that they can give me (and they did) a Lorazepam.
It’s a drug that produces a calming effect on the brain and nerves. So it’s
a f***ing Heroin or Opium…And that doesn’t cure – it just tricks you to believe
 that you are better until the effect is over – then you pop another pill. But
it’s also addictive, so that means I can become an addict just to be able to walk
straight. F*** this life man. F*** the guy who invented it.
They say, the doctors, that it will pass by itself in a few weeks although they
don’t really know what is causing it in the first place. And you should see
them. They are okay with that. They are doctors and they are okay with not actually
knowing shit about it.
So, if I don’t write some time, I am probably stuck between my bad and my
computer desk desperately trying to stop the World from spinning.