Do people really go through this every time? Is it possible that some people just choose to believe that this is the way computers and operating system should work?

I had a displeasure to install or maybe call it: re-install Windows 7 on my friends laptop. The machine is emachines E627 and it was built for Windows 7. How did I know? Well, it says so on the laptop itself and I learnt it the hard way. I was actually trying to alleviate the usage and my instillation. I have some knowledge of the “operating system” and also of the usage of the same, so I wanted to make it easier on my friend and on myself too.

As it usually goes in life, it didn’t work out as planned. The little machine just wouldn’t take it. It demonstrated this with an ugly blue screen with a warning that it was actually trying to prevent me from harming the poor machine. Well, I had to use Windows 7 I guess…

This is when a real agony started. At first glance it does look like it is going to be a smooth ride. After a few “normal” questions the process of installation was going just fine all the way up to the first restart. Then there was a second and a third and a fourth restart. It seems that this OS works best when restated a few times. Then it was finally up and running… No, wait. That’s not it. There are some updates now. Do I want to update and what should I want to update? I choose – critical updates thinking that there must be less of those than if I was to update all… Except that there were 67 critical update. Then again another 42 updates. Then there was some updates that were happening while the computer was restarting… It just seemed that there was some kind of an update waiting in the system tray, you know – left bottom corner, every so often. I could hardly wait to see the time when one actually gets to start using the computer and not just nurse the “operating system” – it was more like “operating on your nerves system”.

I am not going to get into an actual usage of this Operating System because it will take too much time, effort and will take  a toll on my nerves system, but I can just say that once it’s up and running, it is not over yet… Now the time is to think about getting some kind of protection from numerous viruses, spyware, adware and other man made garbage. Then you need to find and install things (programs) to be able to see pdf’s or other docs etc. Some of those are free and some are quite expensive. It is actually all expensive. After all – that is the Windows way. Pay and you shell be paying again and again…

At the end I can just ad. I am so happy and grateful for Linux. I can not even begin to understand why would anyone go through this painful process of torture called “Installation of Windows Operating System”. I am not sure what is so appealing in paying for every little thing down the road, just to be able to use your OS? How did we get to a point when someone or something made us believe that this is the right way? And I see it often people are saying: Oh, that little software is great and it is so cheap – only $49.95… I wish you would all wake up and start using logic and common sense and look around you. There are better ways and healthier ways and ways that are made for you to enjoy not pay for every step through the agony called: Windows.