Way too much time passed since my last post. It is not that I had nothing to write about. It was more because I was in this “winter blues” mode and what ever I get exited to write about, next moment I loose interest…

However, this I couldn’t pass by. In April Linux Mint released a Linux Mint Debian Version – LMDE! Here is straight from Linux Mint Blog:

“The team is proud to announce the release of LMDE 201204.

This release features three of the best Linux desktops available at the moment: The traditional and functional MATE 1.2 desktop, the innovative and beautiful Cinnamon 1.4 and the lightweight and rock-solid Xfce 4.8.

Both the MATE/Cinnamon and Xfce editions use the MDM display manager. MDM will look familiar to many people, as it brings back GDM 2.20 and all its features: Remote login, configuration tools, fast-user switching, theme-ability, language selection…etc.”

LMDE - Mate

LMDE - Mate


I am not knowledgeable enough nor am I that kind of geek to write a review for LMDE but I can express my opinion and feeling about it.

The installation was smooth and fast. I was actually surprised that it took less time than when I was installing Main Versions before. To my surprise, everything was almost 100% as it was with say, Mint 10. The panel was functioning as I am used to and the way I like it. Mate is the default environment and it is so familiar – just like Gnome 2… What can I say – I was very happy and yet I was still waiting for that glitch – you know the one that, when it happens you wanna run back to the familiar (older) version… However, this did not happen. The more I used it the more I was feeling like I found myself a Mint to stick to. I was slowly adding my favorite applications and one of the first thing was: I installed DraftSight as it really helps me with my drafting tasks.

I was, yet again, pleasantly surprised. It was a fast install and it was working like a charm. It didn’t feel like a beta version at all.

I then got my Bricscad and I made a Gimp Paint Studio out of Gimp. Installing Windows Fonts was a breeze and I was getting happier by the minute. I can honestly say that I have a feeling that I found my OS that I will stick to.

I hope that this short emotional review will help someone in at least trying out LMDE. I am convinced that you will be happy with it. There are things that I still have to learn and adjust but I am looking forward to it. Cheers!