On an almost daily bases I get a newsletter of sort that tells me how to clean up my act and what to do when looking for work. From Resume/ CV to Job Search techniques to Phone or Face to Face Interview skills etc.

It almost sounds like They are more important then Us. It’s like They should be satisfied in any possible way and Us, we should learn and follow all the suggestions, rules and tactics to please Them. After all, They are in a position to give Us the Job. And not long ago, I was all for it, till I hit a brick wall a few times and realized that I have something to offer but that something doesn’t necessarily have to be controlled by Them. I have something to offer, by myself, to whom ever I choose to. What can I possibly loose?

Let’s take a look at this scenario:

I am out of work for whatever reason but most likely because of ill economy. I then put all of my effort to finding work but what happens is, everyone else is looking for work. Thousands of Us are looking for work and we can only work for Them. Or, wait a minute… Maybe we can work for ourselves? Sure we can. Instead of following a never ending line of job searchers; reading from some happy looking chubby person about how we should please Them in order to get an Interview, maybe; going to famous Job Search Clubs where a person of the day is coming up with surreal ways to offer our bodies and souls to Them for a peace of bread… Instead of doing all that, why not trying to cut the middle man and offer ourselves as a solution? We all have some knowledge, some experience that They use to pay us hourly to exploit. Why can’t we use that something that we have, know, are skilled in and go straight to the ones that could use what we can offer? That way we keep what we charge and we keep our sanity.

I started slowly and it’s looking good. I have to yet iron out some parts but overall, it is a good idea and it can be beneficial to my family too. I get to see the World from a different perspective. I get to not waste time and gas to get somewhere and at the same time I chip in for a better future of our Planet. I can save on clothing, food, coffee… I can take my own breaks when ever I feel like and I have no one but myself to control me. Just stop for a moment and look around you. Think of what can you possibly do to make it out there without selling yourself short. I am sure that there are so many things you could do way better and with more joy then you could ever if you were to be “the lucky one” who works for Them. 

Everywhere there are articles and places that “teach” Us how to look for work, how to write a Resume (like all this time we were unable to produce a really valid resume and that is why we actually can’t find or lost a job), how to talk (birth to 1.5 year) and how to cope with interview questions. When I read these it makes me feel like a third class moron who is not capable of walking and talking at the same time. With these articles and tutorials we are reduced to slightly more developed apes. 

Those birocrats who write those  articles obviously have their jobs and could care less for Us. They are also a part of the plan. Lately there are even some individuals with entrepreneurial skills trying to make cash by using the situation and “helping” Us to be good, little job searchers.

It is time for all of Us to realize that those days of “job security” and “team play” and “what the group decides – goes”, are over. They had a chance for a very long time now to prove to Us that their way is the right way. They failed. Now it is up to Us to show what we can do and that we can do it better. Us, we can even get together and chat and try to help each other but only because we want to. We can even get together and resolve a problem together – without any bosses and with a great feeling of freedom. For all this time that we lost trying to get a chance to please Them, we could have worked towards the goal to become independent or to be well on our way to Independence.