It is about time I tell you about Kodi. It was first called XBMC and it all started from Xbox Media Center.

It is, in my opinion, the next best thing after chocolate chip icecream. It is all about choice. What you can never get with cable or satellite or any other form of paid TV content, you can get with Kodi. And the choices are limitless. You can even choose a language you want for your movies or tv shows. You can also find live TV from all over the World. Or say,, you want to watch some old TV Show from the start. You can do that with Kodi.
I watched, from episode 1, The Invaders… Sci-Fi TV Show from the 60’s… But you get it, right?

The way I did it in our home is this. I found a really small PC, installed Kodi and all the Add-Ons and connected to our 40″ TV, programmed FLIRC so that I can use our TV remote to work on Kodi and now it is, in return, giving us countless possibilities of entertainment. The best part is – we watch what we want when we want to and for the rest of the time, just have it play the music we feel like listening to… It is just phenomenal… Here is how it looks in our home:




You can change the look by changing the theme or just installing a different wizard etc. There are many themes to choose from. Best thing to do is go to and do some reading. Chances are you will find much more than you hopped for…

Some of those choices and settings and tutorials can be overwhelming. I have no problem helping you to get on the right track. Just shoot me an email/ message and I will do what I can to help you start.

Good luck and enjoy!




Here is how some themes look like:


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